This is What Happened

First let me say that this page is written to give you a glimpse into how all my dysfunctional thoughts were created.

Born in Key West, Florida, which means my father was in the military. Because black people don’t move to Key West unless it’s an order from the government. After only 4 months my father was sent to Hawaii. At the very early age of 6 1/2 months old, I started walking to the surprise of everyone. Which led to many near death experiences throughout my brain development years. Good thing I was literally a hard headed child.

The family left Hawaii shortly after the arrival of my little sister. With my older brother & me, my parents had there hands full. Moving to San Diego, CA where the family settled down for good. I always thought our family was very fortunate that my father was always stationed in the coolest waterfront spots in the country. San Diego California is absolutely responsible for the foundation of my comedy. I can’t say I was a bad student, just not the one you wanted to cheat off of. My teachers always looked my way in the classroom if someone was being disruptive. I would hear my name called out several times per period. “Derrick!” What? It’s not me this time.” A visit to the principal office was a frequent occurrence.

Using humor at the wrong time had become my calling card. The years of disrupting other students from their education with my smart mouth, was the beginning of my comedy career. During that time I had no idea that comedy would be the love of my life. All that money wasted on flowers & candy.

During my teenage years I spent most of the time being a mobile DJ. Spending countless hours in my homemade studio aka my bedroom, spinning records, practicing a tacky morning DJ voice. Like most of the fellas in the neighborhood, music was everything. It brought out my creativity by teaching me to understand how to move a crowd emotionally. “Keeping a dance floor packed was my earliest experience in reading a room.”

After graduating high school I began working at Robinson department stores in the flooring department. Daily I would discuss colors like Periwinkle, Burnt Sienna, & Sea Mist green. To this day I know my colors like a Beverly Hills interior decorator. I can’t explain that ability. One evening during Robinson’s store 15th anniversary party cruise around San Diego bay, I asked the boss if I could use the Mic for 5 minutes before the band started. That was the first time I was able to hear a response to my crazy inner thoughts. I will never forget that feeling.

The next week I signed up for amateur night at the Comedy store in La Jolla, CA. I was always able to make my friends and co-workers laugh. What I was curious about was could I make total strangers laugh. When I found out I could, the fire was lit and has not burned out since. After only a year 1/2 after those 2 first performances, I left the carpet world behind me for good. However if you need some advice on what is a good accent color to use with Birch wood? I packed up my car and hit the road and began my comedy career and have been “ Livin the Dream “ ever since.


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