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Welcome to the Derrick Cameron experience!

For over 3 decades he has been wowing audiences around the globe. Comedy that is real and engaging, most of all is extremely funny. He takes chances with his premises. Finding the humor in the most unconventional places, with intelligence & wit that dances on the edge of brilliance.

Derrick has been impressing crowds in every type of performance venue and events across North America. Developing a following that has led to International performances on Cruise lines and showrooms in numerous countries around the world.

Cameron made his national television debut in the early 90s and since then has been a regular on the big screen & small. He has produced 3 stand-up CD’s, and 2 dvd’s. Which can be heard on satellite radio in heavy rotation.

So welcome aboard and prepare yourself for a very funny ride into one of comedy’s unique point of views that makes you laugh to the bone.


  • Album
    The Laugh Heard Round the World
  • Album
    Stayin Afloat


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